Mount Lemmon Realty has been selling property on Mt Lemmon since 1941. We have the in depth knowledge to help you make the right decision when it comes to purchasing a home on Mt Lemmon. Everything from water and septic systems to building codes, winter access, leased land properties, property right of ways and much more. Have a question? Interested in viewing cabins? Lets talk!



Jenni Mount Lemmon Realty

Jenni Zimmerman

Assoc. Broker

I was raised on Mount Lemmon and attended Zimmerman elementary school here. I have a fond love of the community and its people. I joined the family business in 2005 and posses in depth knowledge pertaining to Forest Service leased land cabins, seasonal access and I know every cabin by heart!

O: 520 576 1333

C: 520 861 0161


Mt Lemmon Realty

Robert (Bob) Zimmerman

Broker #2272

I took over the Legacy that my father, Tony started over 75 years ago! Some of the cabins he built still stand proud to this day, including the realty office itself. My knowledge pertaining to real estate on Mt Lemmon will not be matched. I specialize in all facets of real estate including land swaps. Give me a call.

O: 520 576 1333

C: 520 349 0013 



Fran Zimmerman

Agent / Rentals

Fran has been an agent for over 30 years and is a cornerstone in the community. She has been involved with the Mount Lemmon Homeowners Associtaion and a longstanding member of the Mount Lemmon Womens Club. Fran is also in charge of the rentals Which you can view here. 

O: 520 576 1300